Criminal History Checks

The applicant is responsible for knowing who and where the background check results are to be sent.

No cash or personal checks.  No credit/debit cards.

Money Order or Cashier's/Certified Check/Business Checks only.

1. Can I check to see if I have any criminal arrests or convictions through the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI)?

Yes. Wyoming statutes contain a provision for a voluntary record check which enables any person to obtain a criminal record check on themselves and provide that record to any person they designate. This procedure requires the submission of an applicant fingerprint card. In addition, the applicant must also submit a fee which is also set by statute. 

2. What if my record is not accurate?  

Wyoming Statute 7-19-109 has information for the correction of a criminal history record and can be located here. This only pertains to arrests that occurred in Wyoming. For Federal arrests, or arrests within other states, you must contact that jurisdiction. 

3. How much does it cost to check for a Wyoming criminal history? 

For most applicants, the fee is $15 for the state of Wyoming which includes the Western Identification Network criminal history check. If an FBI criminal history check is performed (if allowed by state statute) in addition to the state of Wyoming there is an additional fee of $24.00. For persons who are fingerprinted at the Division of Criminal Investigation, or at a local Wyoming law enforcement agency, they may also be charged $5 for the fingerprinting service. If an FBI check is desired and DCI has no statutory authority to process this check, the individual must contact the FBI directly to request it. More information can be found at this link. Click here for instructions on background checks. 

4. Are there different fees charged for background checks? 

While most non-criminal justice applicants are charged $15, fingerprint based criminal record checks for qualified volunteers, those where the applicant volunteers in an organization which provide volunteer services to youth or victims of family violence such as big brothers and big sisters and volunteers in safe houses for victims of family violence, are $10. In addition, applicants may be charged a fee of $5 for the fingerprinting service in Wyoming.

5. What agency do I make payment to?

Payment should be submitted by money order for the total amount of fees and made payable to: The Office of the Attorney General. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED. No personal checks or credit cards are accepted. Please allow for ample time, as requests are processed on a first come basis. The address to submit payment to is Attn: ATS, 208 S. College Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82002.

6. How long does it take? 

Wyoming criminal history record checks are generally completed within 2 weeks. However, depending on current monthly volume and the quality of the fingerprints submitted, it can take 5-6 weeks.  

7. What does the criminal history check consist of? 

Typically it is a check of criminal arrest and conviction records in the State of Wyoming and the Western Identification Network (WIN). Wyoming is a member of the Western Identification Network (WIN) which includes 7 other states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The history check includes all reported felonies, high misdemeanors and other specified misdemeanors. If authorized by state law, the check may include federal records maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

8. Can I check to see if my employees have a criminal record? 

Yes, if the employee consents through the submission of the required fingerprint card, and the required fees are paid.

9. Why do I have to submit a fingerprint card? 

All non-criminal justice searches for Wyoming criminal history records are based on positive identification through a fingerprint search. The applicants fingerprint images are compared to fingerprint images in the arrest files at the Division. This insures that any record released by the Division positively matches to the applicant fingerprints submitted, regardless of any name contained on the applicant fingerprint card or in the arrest record.

10. Can't they just check for records by name? 

A fingerprint card is a more accurate means of checking a record. With name changes and fraudulent identity documents widely available, the fingerprint card is the only sure method of checking for records.

11. Where can I be fingerprinted? 

Applicants can arrange for fingerprinting at a local law enforcement agency or at the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, 208 S. College Dr., in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Appointments can be made with the Division by calling 307-777-7181. Applicants desiring fingerprinting services from a local law enforcement agency should call the agency to determine what days or times they support fingerprinting services. In addition, an applicant must present a current government issued photo identification card, e.g. driver license, state identification card or passport, at the time of fingerprinting.

12. Where can I get an applicant fingerprint card? 

The Division will provide the fingerprint card and an instruction sheet upon request. Many local law enforcement agencies have the applicant fingerprint cards available.

13. Where does the money for fingerprint checks go? 

All fees submitted to the Division for a State of Wyoming records check are deposited into the State of Wyoming General Fund.

14. Can I get a criminal arrest or conviction record expunged? 

Under limited circumstances, a person may petition the court to expunge an adult criminal arrest record. The relevant Wyoming statutes are § 7-13-1401, § 7-13-1501, and § 7-13-1502. Expungement of juvenile arrest records fall under Wyoming statute § 14-6-241. Persons interested in expungement of a state of Wyoming arrest record should consult with legal counsel to determine the eligibility of their record to be expunged.

15. Where can I find more information on Wyoming criminal history records? 

Please refer to Wyoming state statutes 7-19-101 through 7-19-109. The Wyoming Criminal History Record Act rules and regulations can also be viewed by clicking here: Criminal History Record Act

16. As an adult, do any of my arrests in Wyoming drop from my record? 

No. Any offense arrest reported to DCI remains on an individual’s criminal record unless it is expunged. See #14.

17. As a juvenile, what happens to my state criminal history when I reach the age of 18? 

When a juvenile reaches the age of majority (18), their Wyoming state criminal history record is deleted unless they were convicted of a misdemeanor and/or a felony as an adult. If a juvenile was convicted of a crime(s) as an adult, then #16 would apply.