The State of Wyoming is currently working on transitioning over to the National Incident Based Reporting (NIBRS) standard. The NIBRS is an incident-based reporting system that is automated and allows agencies to collect detailed information on each crime occurrence.  Our goal is to provide more accurate and detailed incident based information in a timely manner to better inform law enforcement agencies, policy makers, and the public on crime trends.

Director James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, recently sent a letter to all State Program Managers that the FBI will be transitioning to a NIBRS only data collection policy and will be sunsetting Summary Reporting by January 1, 2021. With this in mind, Wyoming will also no longer accept Summary reporting after this date. Director Comey's letter can be viewed here.

We have provided information and links to resources that will enhance your understanding of the NIBRS. If your agency would like to make the transition to NIBRS reporting please contact Samantha Kanish at (307) 777-7625. We will provide you with information on the steps needed to have your agency become NIBRS compliant. Below is a promotional video on NIBRS created by the FBI. 

UPDATE: The Wyoming Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program will be transitioning to the implementation phase of the NIBRS transition on January, 2018. This is the first of many steps on our way to providing timely and accurate data. Updates will be posted as soon as they are available.