State Crime Laboratory

The Wyoming State Crime Laboratory, also known as the Crime Lab, is a multi-disciplinary forensic laboratory.
Forensic science refers to the examination of crime scenes, recovery of evidence, laboratory examinations, interpretation of findings and presentation of the conclusions reached for investigative or intelligence purposes or for use in court. 

This website is intended to provide information regarding the administration and testing services provided to the criminal justice system.

As of 4/16/18, the Crime Lab will begin accepting blood alcohol kits for analysis. Please see the notification letter here.  Instructions for collection may be obtained here.

Laboratory Quality Assurance Questionairre (LQAQ) - Please go to this link to complete and submit a user agency survey. Please let us know how we are doing.

Evidence Submission Form - Please scroll down this page to obtain an Evidence Submission Form. You may download the document by clicking on the download arrow on the right side of the page.

3D Crime Scene Data Viewer - In order to view the 3-Dimensional crime scene data that we recovered from your crime scene please go to this link and download the free FARO Reality Viewer. Please be aware, however, that the viewer has specific system requirements that are necessary for the software to run properly. To view a list of the system requirements please follow this link. Here is a photographic example: 

*** Important information for our user agencies! *** Please click here for an important letter from DCI, and click here for an important FBI CODIS Bulletin.

Scott McWilliams
Deputy Director, 
State Crime Lab
Jeff Cullen,
Nov 29, 2018, 8:26 AM