Criminal History FAQs

1 Can I get a criminal arrest or conviction record expunged?

Under limited circumstances, a person may petition the court to expunge an adult criminal arrest record. The relevant Wyoming statutes are § 7-13-1401, § 7-13-1501, and § 7-13-1502. Expungement of juvenile arrest records fall under Wyoming statute § 14-6-241. Persons interested in expungement of a state of Wyoming arrest record should consult with legal counsel to determine the eligibility of their record to be expunged.

2. Where can I find more information on Wyoming criminal history records?

Please refer to Wyoming state statutes 7-19-101 through 7-19-109. The Wyoming Criminal History Record Act rules and regulations can also be viewed by clicking here: Criminal History Record Act

3. As an adult, do any of my arrests in Wyoming drop from my record?

No. Any offense arrest reported to DCI remains on an individual’s criminal record unless it is expunged. See #1.

4. As a juvenile, what happens to my state criminal history when I reach the age of 18?

When a juvenile reaches the age of majority (18), their Wyoming state criminal history record is deleted unless they were convicted of a misdemeanor and/or a felony as an adult. If a juvenile was convicted of a crime(s) as an adult, then #3 would apply.