Uniform Crime Reporting

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) unit compiles crime data from 58 law enforcement agencies from around the state. The data is used for statistics and law enforcement training. The aggregated information is forwarded to the FBI for national level analysis and comparison. The state of Wyoming UCR unit is a repository only. We do not interpret nor translate the data received from reporting agencies. Any questions specific to agency reporting should be referred to the local reporting agency.

The data collected in the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) consists of 52 offenses and 58 data elements, encompassing most major crime offenses.

Wyoming became a certified NIBRS contributing state in December 2018. As of January 2021, the FBI no longer accepts the previous reporting system (known as Summary Reporting) and will now only accept NIBRS data from states. There are currently 49 states submitting in NIBRS format.

REPORTS:  Below are reports for the crime in Wyoming, as well as a link to the FBI Crime Data Explorer page.

DATA REQUESTS:  All media inquiries and requests for crime statistics must be submitted via email to dci-ucr@wyo.gov.  Please include your name, organization, and the purpose of your request.

For more information about Uniform Crime Reporting, call (307) 777-7625.

To view Annual Crime and Domestic Violence Reports in Wyoming, please click here.

To view Annual Crime Reports from the Wind River Agency, please click here.

We maintain annual reports going back to 1999, and quarterly reports to 2006. If these are needed, please email the above address.

To view the Annual Missing Person Reports, click here.

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