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Twenty years ago, on February 8, 2003, 32 year old Shawny Lee Smith was found deceased in a field off Highway 85 in Weld County, Colorado, just ¼ mile from the Wyoming state line. Law enforcement quickly determined that Shawny was the victim of a homicide. In the late evening of February 6, or early morning of February 7, 2003, Shawny was last seen alive at the Cowboy South Bar, 312 South Greeley Highway in Cheyenne. Please help by providing any information you may have. 

Shawny Lee Smith press release.

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) was created  in 1973 pursuant to Wyo.Stat. § 9-1-611. DCI is a division of the Wyoming State Attorney General's Office. The history of DCI can be read at this link. DCI is comprised of Criminal Justice Information Services, Operations, and the State Crime Laboratory.  

The mission of DCI is to provide exceptional service to our criminal justice partners and the citizens of Wyoming through leadership, teamwork, and cooperation while exhibiting a positive attitude with Dedication, Courage and Integrity.

Jurisdiction: Pursuant to Wyo.Stat. § 9-1-618(a), DCI may conduct criminal investigations at the request of a local police department, sheriff's office or the county or district attorney of jurisdiction. Pursuant to Wyo.Stat. § 9-1-618(b), DCI shall conduct investigations at the direction of the Governor, violations of the Wyoming Controlled Substance Act and organized criminal activity that crosses jurisdictional boundaries of local law enforcement agencies. DCI will also investigate violations of computer crimes as specified in Wyo.Stat. § 6-3-501 through 6-3-505, and suspected violations involving the sexual exploitation of children as specified in Wyo.Stat. § 6-4-303.

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Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS): The CJIS section is comprised of several elements: The Criminal History Records (CCH) unit, the Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) unit, the Sex Offender Registration (SOR) unit, the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) unit, the Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) unit, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) unit, and the Control Terminal (CT) unit.

Operations: Special Agents are assigned to DCI Headquarters in Cheyenne and field offices located in Afton, Casper, Evanston, Gillette, Laramie, Powell, Rawlins, Riverton, Rock Springs and Sheridan. 

State Crime Laboratory: The State Crime Laboratory provides a wide range of advanced forensic services to the criminal justice community in Wyoming. These services include specialized units comprised of Latent Fingerprints, Firearms and Toolmarks, Chemistry and Biology/DNA. 

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Public Records Requests

All public record requests must be submitted directly to Assistant Attorney General Megan Pope, email address ag.publicrecords@wyo.gov or telephone number (307) 777-6710.  

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E-mail us at: wydci@wyo.gov